Table Tennis at Camber

Anyone for ping pong?

For a long-time we’ve thought it would be good to offer table tennis at Looney Dunes but where to store it was the problem. And then Chris spotted this smaller, table-top version by Viavito whilst shopping online and before you could say ping pong, he was proceeding to checkout.

Called the “Flipit”, indoors it fits neatly onto the dining table in the conservatory which makes it perfect for rainy days. It will fit on the patio table too so if the weather is clement, you can have your very own garden tournament.

It took less than 3 minutes to put up. Chris and I had a quick go whilst waiting for guests to arrive. We’re both pretty good, even if I do say so myself, although mine is more of a defensive strategy and Chris is your full-on smasher.

Fortunately, the table is just as easy to dismantle so the conservatory is now both a dining and a games room all rolled into one.